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Heading to Harlem IFF & Nevada's Women FF

It feels like the film festival circuit is finally committing to coming out of COVID-19 protocols and back in person! Two new film festival notifications for WILDCAT this weekend feels like a dream.

As an official selection of the Harlem International Film Festival and the Nevada Women's Film Festival, WILDCAT will hit theatres on both sides of the country.

I love the missions of these two festivals. Celebrating diversity in film through topic, gender, and geography.

From Nevada:

"For seven years now, the Nevada Women's Film Festival has been part of a growing consciousness raising movement happening in the movie world and our greater culture. We are witnessing a slow but steady awakening to the failures of the industry to properly represent women. At NWFFest, our mission is to celebrate and support the fair representation of women in film. Our festival is international and our films are by and about women."

From Harlem:

"Celebrating the art of cinema in the home of the Harlem Renaissance, The Harlem International Film Festival (Hi) inspires and entertains by honoring dynamic films by anyone about anything under the sun. Conceived from the belief that we all have unique experiences and perspectives to share, the Festival actively seeks and exhibits fresh and urgent work. Hi is committed to exemplifying the eminence that Harlem represents and is dedicated to bringing attention to the finest filmmakers from Harlem to Hong Kong."

Thank you for supporting our WILDCAT journey!


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