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Second Round of ATX Television Pitch

Between 11/19/18 – 1/7/19, writers with original pilots hosted on The Black List may opt-in for consideration based on their hosted scripts. If your script is one of the top fifteen (15) chosen from The Black List selection process, you will have the option advance directly to Round 2 of ATX Festival’s The Pitch Competition. At that time, you will be given a link to submit your ninety (90) second video pitch. Writers must submit a video pitch in order to be a valid participant in Round 2.

The top twenty-five (25) submissions from Round 1 (open submissions) will join an additional twenty-five (25) chosen by The Black List and Sundance Episodic Lab partnership for a total of fifty (50) submissions to be screened and read by our Round 2 judges. These judges (made up of staff writers and junior executives) will select twenty (20) semi-finalists for Round 3.

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