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Cat Dale accepts Fiction Filmmaking Assistant Professorship at Montana State University

I am so excited to accept this new position and move to the great state of Montana. I will continue teaching screenwriting and other fiction film production courses.

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR of Fiction Filmmaking

The School of Film and Photography has approximately 400 undergraduate students across disciplines and 30 MFA students who specialize in science and natural history filmmaking. Our photo program features extensive analog wet-darkroom courses in addition to digital filmmaking in multiple formats including view camera. We have extensive expertise in alternative, non-silver based processes. Our film students shoot analog Super 16 film and 4K digital cinema. We recently installed a DCP screening room with 7.1 surround sound. Our film theory faculty teach a range of courses from The Western to Documentary Theory to undergraduate and graduate students. Our programs are known for their hands-on approach. We pride ourselves in providing cameras to students starting their first week in our freshman classes.

Check out the film program at Montana State!

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