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Short Film

Mary Todd Lincoln, who is committed to an insane asylum by her last living relative, tries to prove her sanity with the help of a medium and her dead son.

Based on true events.


Quarter Finalist - WeScreenplay Shorts Competition

Top 100 Historical Scripts - International Screenwriting Association

Coverfly Red List



The concept is unique. The writer expertly digs into a notable character from American history that is less explored than her famous counterpart. This is a great read that takes what some may consider niche subject matter and makes it globally accessible. 

Wildcat's dialogue has a kind of logic, an energy and a cadence, that allows people to arrive in triumph at the ends of sentences that almost feel like a verbal crescendo which simultaneously pulls us deeper into the world and characters.

Part of what I find compelling here is that grief, in so many ways, is a form of memory - like the thoughts, feelings, and emotions in one's body cannot let go of the pain of losing someone and the pain itself becomes a remnant of things past. This is why the seance, and Wildcat's search for both her sanity and closure, is so compelling and almost brilliant. The very act itself is beautifully metaphorical - the only way out of pain is through it - and thus the ending of the script feels of a whole new beginning.

Meet The Team


Cat Dale

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Writer, Director, & Producer

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Alexa Alberda

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Hallie Swaine

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Director of Photography

Meet The Cast


Amber Rose Mason

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as Wildcat


Nnamdi Kanaga

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as Reverend Lewis


Tonya Andrews

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as Janet


Jenna Ciralli

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as Nurse B****


Jon Doe

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as Doctor D***


Jane Doe

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as Miles


Austen Cobb

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as Eddie Lincoln