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TOUCH is a short film about the power of love and how we pass that on from one generation to the next. Riley and her grandmother, Nana, always had a special relationship, mostly centered around baking. Riley’s mother, Babs, never understood this connection, nor had much in common with her daughter. When Nana is put into hospice, Babs tries to help Riley accept that Nana will not be around forever. Riley’s whole world is thrown into doubt, but when she finds a mysterious recipe at Nana’s bakery, it creates an opportunity for the three generations of women to forgive past wrongs.



Film Festival Screenings

Cast & Crew

A 4M Films Production by Chris & Kelly Murray

Directed by Cat Dale

Written by Chris Murray

Produced by Alexa Alberda, Dennis Aig, Cat Dale

Director of Photography - Logan Kern

Editor - Jeremy Dehn



Zuzu Weingart as Riley

Lily Weingart as Young Riley

Beth Ann Kennedy as Nana

Jenna Ciralli as Babs

Cat Deriana as Nurse Janice

Tami Renner as Antonia Restauranteur

Mercy Simpson as Casey

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