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Short Narrative Film. Dark Comedy. Based on a True Story.

This film will emulate Mary MacLean’s confessional style from her book I Await the Devil's Coming.  We jump from location to location as her mind makes leaps and bounds to observations and remembrances, confide in her imaginary confidant, Devil, with her innermost desires and needs. 


The Richest Hill on Earth for Man, The End of the Earth for Brilliant Teenage Girl, Welcome to Butte, MT, 1902. 


Mary MacLean, a wild and brilliant teenage writer in Butte, MT, yearns to escape her oppressed existence and run away with her literature teacher, Fannie—but as the end of school approaches, time is running out for her to find the right words to convince Fannie to go.


“This is an ethereal experience weaving into and out of the mind of Mary, there is a kind of narrative dance in which we participate trying to follow her thoughts and reconciling her interpretations and hopes with reality.”