Big Sky Grant Recipient - $150K

Quarter-Finalist - 2019 Academy Nicholl Fellowship

Semifinalist - Seattle International Film Festival

Semifinalist - Stage32 Comedy Feature Screenplay

3rd Place Finalist - Vail Film Festival

Sir Edmund Hillary Award - Mountain Film Festival

Quarter-Finalist - Screencraft Comedy Competition

Official Selection - Portland Comedy Film Festival

Co-Written with Jeremy Dehn

Jake discovered the Loch Ness Monster 25 years ago, but he's been unable to top the feat since, and has watched his once-promising future as a renowned cryptozoologist slowly drift away. Things got worse with the rise of his former protégé, who not only discovers new creatures with alarming frequency, but also steals Jake's methods while wowing the press & corporate sponsors. 

So when Jake's estranged daughter, Sarah, appears with a request and an inadvertent clue to the whereabouts of the still undiscovered Sasquatch, Jake begs, borrows, & steals his way into an expedition, bribing the reluctant Sarah and a small team of eccentrics to head out into the spectacular Colorado wilderness. 



“Like all good speculative fiction, Beasts Undiscovered uses its heightened framework to present relatable, human themes. The sense of detail and mythology are specific, well-imagined throughout, & there is a smart, often biting sense of humor.”


“With a setup that reels you in, and an adventure that hooks you, Jake's quest to find the elusive Sasquatch is a heart-filled story with just the right amount of comic relief.”

Nicholl Fellowship

“An original, engaging cinematic story. I can't express enough how much I enjoyed this script.”

Seattle Int'l Film Festival

“Beasts Undiscovered gives a look into the human side of a man who spends his life looking for monsters.”


“There have been a lot of scripts about the search for Big Foot, but this one is engaging and entertaining to the end.”

Nicholl Fellowship

“This offbeat, high-concept comedy packs a surprisingly strong emotional punch and features a good central relationship which should appeal to marquee-name actors.”